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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  August 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we are watching the weather this morning. more storms are expected today. they could be more severe and more wide spread. >> and the stats are good. robert griffin iii and fans extremely happy with his short debut. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today." some people in our ear are without power after flash flooding, hail, and strong winds. at the height of the storm, pepco had 10,000 outages. right now 800 customers are in the dark. bge has 150 outages. most are in baltimore and howard
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counties. dominion has about 80 outages. this is what it looks like in the district sort of ahead of the storm. but meteorologist tom kierein is here. some folks out west are already getting it. >> western suburbs now may be hearing a little thunder and get a little flashes of lightning in the sky and some downpours as well. have an umbrella handy before you leave this morning. allow yourself extra time, looking at the storm 4 radar, all the moving color, that is rain where you see it in the oranges and yellows. that's where it's raining hardest. a is south and west of the metro area. here's close-up view of the heaviest rains along 66 from prince william county all of the way to falk here, heavy downpours there. southern loudoun county as well. closer to washington, just now starting to get a few sprinkles in northwest and in fairfax county, montgomery county, just a few sprinkles. this is heading off to the north and east. moving into charles county, southern maryland, and anne
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arundel county over the next half hour or so. low 70s. ahead of the rain it's in the upper 70s to around 80. it's not going to warm up much with all the clouds around and rain moving on through. day planner showing afternoon high of 85 or so. between now and then, some passing showers, thunder and lightning. by 5:00, still in the 70s. by noon time, most of the region will be around 80. 50% chance of storms. then a greater chance of scattered storms this afternoon. some could be severe at 8:00 p.m. friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at the friday morning commute. >> thanks, tom. happy friday. first 4 traffic report, road work that's happening right now on the beltway. both work zones in virginia on the outer loops. dulles toll road. road work is blocking the right lane. heading over to i-66 you cannot get on the ramp top eastbound i-66 from the beltway due to the work that's happening there.
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let's take a live look as you make your way over the wilson bridge. travel lanes are open in this area. nice and clear. travel speed, not bad as you make your way from van dorn to the wilson bridge. 63 miles per hour. seven-minute drive. looping around furthering your commute into prince george's county on the beltway. no issues to report. in fact, making your way from 50 on the outer loop to i-95 your driving at about 64 miles per hour. just a nine-minute drive. aaron and eun, back over to you. 4:33. now to breaking news from afghanistan where three u.s. soldiers were killed. afghan officials say the three men were all special forces members killed while attending a meeting in the sangin district. they were killed by a man wearing an afghan army uniform. still waiting for the defense department to release the nachls of the victims. in northwest washington, firefighters on the scene of an apartment fire. this started about an hour ago at 16th and new hampshire
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avenues. news 4's melissa mollet is there live. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: well, good morning, aaron. just a couple of minutes ago the tenants were all out here waiting to be allowed back in, were allowed to go back inside. let me step out of the way. you can see firefighters still on the scene but they are wrapping things up. at this point we know one tenant was taken to the hospital but we do not know the extent of that person's injuries. take a look at the video. the fire broke out just after 3:00 this morning here at the hampton courts apartments at one apartment on the third floor in the rear of the building. now, a couple of apartments around that one were damaged. firefighters say they had to evacuate several apartments there and even their tenants above the third floor were allowed to stay inside. you can see some of them looking out windows, maybe on cellphones while this place was down, many were worried about got out of the building anyway. take a listen. >> the fire alarm started going off. by the time i got outside it was about five minutes later when i left the apartment because it woke me up, the hallways were
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choking with smoke. and actually couldn't get down either stairwell, this is basically scary. and then a fireman told me to stay in my apartment. he said that there was basically somebody had a fire on the third floor. after a while, 20 minutes, i was able to come outside. it was pretty scary. >> the fire, of course, is still under investigation this morning. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along. the area is completely blocked off as far as roads go. melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. right now one man is in the hospital after his brother and daughter were killed in a house fire in capitol heights. this morning we're hearing from the family. 15-year-old ricky cole died in the fire on wednesday. he was a rising football star at fairmont heights high school. his 5-year-old niece also died. her father, james, is in critical condition with third degree burns to about 50% of his
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body. james and ricky's brother anthony tells news 4 the family was upstairs when the fir started. james tried to get the kids down the stairs but they were trapped. >> he told them. he said, guy, let's go out the wind window. go out the window. james said he went out the window. he looked up, he hollered for ricky to jump. i'll catch you, i promise. i'll catch you, i promise. and he never jumped. he never jumped. >> the cause of the fire was an overloaded extension cord. a window air conditioner that should have been plugged directly into a wall outlet was flugd into an extension cord and power strip and that over heated and sparked the fire. 4:36 is our time. and we turn to the games of the xxx olympiad.
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bolt won the 200 meter dash again. from the start it was a race for second place as gold bolt pulled away early. he was the first man to win 200 and 300 meter dash necessary back to back olympics. jamaica is the fastest nation in fact world. fellow countryman blake and weir finished second and third. bolt will try for one more gold tomorrow in the 4 x 100 meter relay. the u.s. women's soccer team won their third straight gold medal. carli scored. solo came on huge to win the end of the game to preserve a 2-1 win over japan. players say it helps to erase the disappointment and heartbreak a year ago in losing the world cup final to japan. >> it's validation for the hard work this year, the blood, sweat, tiers we shed over what happened last summer. >> after the heartbreak last year, it feels good with this around our necks. we snatched our dream back and we're just so happy right now. we're on top of the world.
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>> this is the u.s. women's fourth gold medal in the past five olympics. the rg3 era is officially under way. redskins new rookie quarterback made his debut last night against the buffalo bills. he played in three offensive series and did not disappointmedisappoint. he scored the only touchdown connecting with new wide receiver. griffin completed four out of six passes for 70 yards and the touchdown pass. >> i blade football for a long time. the game hasn't changed, just the size of the people changed. the talent level. so it was fun to get out there and run around. suit up in the redskins gear for the first time officially and something i won't forget. >> neither will we. they won 7-3. the win and rg3's performance is getting the fans revved up. >> we thought campbell was going to do it. always think somebody is going to pull it through so why not
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think he's going to do it. it's better than going to the season, oh, this is going to suck. >> the next game is next saturday. thil travel to the windy city to take on the chicago bears. you want to know what you thought of give frin iii's performance. ahead on "news4 today," what a doctor now is accused of -- a doctor was accused of waterboarding his child appeared as a guest on two national programs. what the report will tell us about the drought devastating much of the country. weather and traffic on the ones. tom is back with an update on your chances for
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right now we've got a large area of some rain moving across virginia, west virginia, heading closer to the metro area. areas in original and yellow, it's raining harder. in northern prince william, northern and central falk here into southern loudoun county, moderate downpours now. this is continuing to advance to the north and east. getting a few sprinkles in fairfax, the district, and mo h montgomery county. thunder and lightning over the next hour or so. day planner, by 5:00 a.m., some of the showers coming through, a little thunder and lightning. perhaps around noontime may get a brief break then. then likelihood, mid afternoon into evening storms. some of them could be severe. 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. until midnight. we could get some passing downpours with thunder and lightning. a look at the weekend in ten
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minutes. danella? >> good morning. if you're traveling northbound i-95 just past in 234, crash there. traveling on 395 things look good. live look at glebe. as you make your way southbound as well as northbound. no issues to report. you're clear as you crossover the 14th street bridge and make your way into the industry the northbound travel speed on 395 as you head from the beltway to the 14th street bridge, driving at 54 miles per hour, 12 minutes. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. 4:43. it is 7 degrees out there. still to come, another standout performance by a nationals player. plus, hitting the road. mitt romney's bus tour and the stops for virginia. what a gutsy performance by this u.s. runner. why most p
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welcome back at 4:45. goldman sachs employees will not face charges that n. connection to an investigation into the recent financial crisis. the justice department says it will not prosecute the investment firm or any of its workers. the government launched an investigation after a senate panel accused goldman of marketing mortgaged securities to banks and other investors but never telling them how risky those securities were. the panel says goldman secretly bet against those investments. vp speculation likely to steal the headlines during the swing state. hit virginia, north carolina, florida and ohio. it starts tomorrow when virginia governor bob mcdonnell travels with romney. potential vp picks, tim pawlenty and marco rubio will campaign with romney this weekend. rob portman is also cared. he and romney will end the tour in ohio on tuesday.
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campaign ad romney will to he i'm. the obama campaign questioning if romney ever paid income taxes. the ad will air in virginia, north carolina, ohio during the coming week. virginia also one of four battleground states seeing more ads from both candidates. mitt romney's camp spent $20 million, this week alone, as compared to $11 million for the obama campaign. colorado, ohio, and iowa are also seeing a surge. today the maryland senate will debate a bill to expand gam blinlg in the state. they vote in the favor of the bill yesterday which is a first day of a special legislative session. supporters want to build a casino in prince george's county and legalize table games in all casinos. it will generate millions of dollars for the state and create jobs. opponents say it will hurt business at other casinos. maryland voters will have to approve any gambling expansion. the state senate will take up a legislation that would make all dog owners liable if their
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animals bite someone. they drafted the bill in response by a ruling by maryland's highest court. it put pit bulls are inherently dangerous. that makes pit bull owners liable even the first time their dogs bite someone. this bill would apply those strict standards to all dog owners. a prince william county man facing charges in the death of his 4-year-old stepson. 27-year-old jasmine darnell matthews was arrested earlier this week. investigators say he left a loaded gun in a truck last month outside his house on empire street in wood bridge. his stepson got hold of that gun and shot and killed himself. matthews is charged with cruelty and injuries to children. a delaware pediatrician who appeared on "oprah" is behind bars after his daughter says he subjected her to waterboarding. dr. melvin morse's 11-year-old daughter told investigators he held her face under a running faucet to discipline her. they are charge with conspiracy
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and reckless endang irment. he is known for his research in near death experiences involving children. the track is becoming just as successful as the pool for the united states and london. today the u.s. could take home more gold in some exciting relay races. unfortunately the men's 4 x 400 meter team will be without one of the runners who helped them qualify. mitchell originally thought he pulled a muscle while running the first leg of the preliminary heat but it turns out he fractured his fibula, also known as calf bone. the team still posted the second fastest time. here's danella sealock at the news 4's super screen with a preview. the u.s. women's track team is loaded with some of the best sprinters in the world. today they will come together to try to win the 4 x 100 meter relay for the first time since 1996. karm liter jetter comes into the races as one of the most decorated races in london. she won a silver in 100 meter and a bronze in the 200 meter.
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also on the team, ali on felix, she over came to secure her gold wednesday night in the 200 meter dash. the dream team returns to the hard court tonight against argentina in hopes of managing it to the gold medal game. it is the second time the two teams will face-off. they last met monday which turned out to be a 30-point blowout in favor of the u.s. it also stirred up some strong emotions which came to a head late when it appeared an argentine player gave carmelo anthony a bit of a cheap shot after a three-pointer. if the u.s. wins tonight they will go on to play russia or spain in the final. >> and the u.s. is entering the last three days of olympic competition with the healthy lead in the medal count now. team usa has 90 total medals, ten better than second place chi china. the u.s. leads in the gold count of 39. russia remains in a distant third with 56 total medals.
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>> can we just talk about mitchell for just one second, the determination and strength that man has. i give him all the props. my goodness gracious. >> can you imagine how painful that had to be. >> and he finished. >> god fod for him. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> we do need the rain but we don't want any flooding. and fortunately right now it doesn't look like a chance of that. meanwhile, in london, beautiful weather for the outdoor events there. live view of olympic stadium. it's almost 10:00 in the morning there. and they're in the low 60 there's now. but by noontime, in london time, it will be the low 70s. during the afternoon, reaching near 80 with lots of sunshine, light wind, beautiful day into the evening hours, too. back down to the upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. under a clear sky. well, here, it's all different. look at the radar. storm 4 radar showing a big area of rain moving in. these areas coming down hard right now. near leesburg and all of the way down toward warrenton and farther south down into culpeper county. they're getting some moderate to
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heavy downpours. watch out for the ponding of water on many rural roads. some of the lighter rain just now beginning to move into fairfax and montgomery counties and farther down to southern prince william and spotsylvania. all of this area in yellow under a severe risk zone. 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. chance of damaging winds. it covers a huge area from west virginia all of the way into virginia and maryland. temperatures right now are in the low 70s where it's raining. out ahead of that rain, upper 70s to near 80. by 5:00 a.m., we'll be in the 70s and some showers coming in with a chance of some lightning. and by noontime, we might have a few scattered storms around. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. then a greater chance of storms, mid to late afternoon. some of them could be severe. highs reaching mid 80s. and some of those severe storms tapering off by mid to late evening. we could have heavy downpours tonight. then for the weekend, maybe lingering shower saturday morning, clearing out tomorrow afternoon with highs in the 80s. low humidity will begin. beautiful day sunday and monday.
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not too humid. sunshine, highs upper 80s near 90. could get storms tuesday. settling down wednesday, thursday. danella, how is traffic? >> tom, right now i have my eye on an accident. i-95 northbound in virginia. just as you make your way past the weigh station. spotting the left side of the roadway. we are able to get bebe just be cautious and stick to the right. let's head over to i-66 and check things out. traveling on 66, tom says rain is coming. right now at suddenly, few moments of just dry road. take advantage of it because also it's nice and clear. as you head eastbound though we did have overnight road work. this was at fairfax county parkway. as you continue, it was blocking the left side of the roadway. that also looks to be gone. just want to give you a heads up in case they are still picking up cones in that area. back in ten minutes. back over to you. today we get an indication of just how serious the nationwide drought really is. the agriculture department will release its report on the u.s.
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corn and soybean crop. the report will likely show production is way down thanks to this country's worst drought in a half century. corn prices now at a record high. expect delays on almost all metro lines this weekend because of track work on the red line and bethesda stations will be closed. shuttle buses will take you to friendship heights. the orange line, trns will single track and foggy bottom as well as stadium. blue line trains will share tracks with foggy bottom and on the green line the train will share a single track in prince george's plaza. the nationals winning streak now stands at six games. they beat the astros again last night, 5-0. michael morse hit two home runs and jordan zimmermann, a sweep of houston. the nationals lead 4 1/2 games. the weekend series tonight
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against the arizona diamondbacks. the olympics inspiring a lot of you to go workout apparently. the gym 24 hour fitness did a survey, 89% of people said that they were motivated by the summer games. a lot of us said they would like to see how athletes warm up. we also talked to the folks at sport and health in arlington and they say they have seen a spike in swimming since the games started. president obama learned a few lessons from future olympians. he made an unscheduled stop at the u.s. olympic training center in colorado. he talked to several pair olympian ans. he learned that even the leader of the free world can't wear his shoes on the wrestling mat. >> just because i'm on the floor doesn't mean you guys can start. >> you're the president. >> the thank you. thank you. i just want to point out, no
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holes in the socks. my grandmother would be proud. >> i worry about that. if you don't prepare to take your shoes off, you've got to make sure you're socks are good. president obama issued a soughtout to the u.s. soccer team over their gold medal victory over japan. >> exciting. 4:56. 77 degrees. just making sure. coming up, the fair arrives. plus, a french we'd for brad and angelina. why people are speculating this morning. and coming up in the next hour of "news4 today," why you may want to ask to hold the butter the next time you order
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. all eyes are on hollywood super couple brad pitt and angelina jolie. >> there are reports that they may be getting married this weekend. according to the "sun" is a couple is hosting a french party at their home and guests include pit's parents and the jeweler who designed jolie's engagement ring. they're reporting it's an anniversary bash for pitt's parents. they officially announced their engagement back in april. >> will not know about it until it happens. >> yeah. >> going to be top question correct. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. he didn't play for


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